Free Amazon Gift Card Generator – Free Unused Codes 2018 Updated

amazon gift card generator online no survey

Free Amazon Gift Card Codes Generator – Get Latest Updated Unused Codes – No Survey Human Verification

Hello guys! So AMAZON is the first name in a person’s mind that is looking for online shopping. Just because AMAZON has a variety of products, fast home delivery, assured quality products, easy accessibility, and relatively cheaper. So this site always puts some products in offer, and big discounts. But guys what is better a discount or a free gift card to increase your AMAZON pay balance? You will get your favorite product free without being there any need to wait for an offer or discount. Hence the main focus is on the free gift card.

But problem with people is that they make fake tools and websites by claiming that they provide free gift cards. The truth is there is a very strong mechanism behind the working of this gift cards and codes associated to them.  So the generator created by us is by deep studying of the mechanism.  And a part from the amazon gift card code generator we are going to give you a large number of easy and working ways to redeem amazon gift cards. Just a bit of smart work is done to redeem the gift card. No special technology or tool is required nor the luck. Everything is 100% working we assure you.

A lot of questions answered in this article like :

How to get free amazon gift card codes?

Is there any ways to get free amazon gift card codes?

What is the best Websites To get free unused Amazon gift codes?



  • Subscribe all the promotional emails by amazon. For this you need to check the mails sent by AMAZON as they always contain promotional offers. SO if you are in midway of an order. You will get the spend money back once again due to cash back.
  • BEST SITE-FATWALLET:  It is a site on which once you sign in you will get the free gift cards. Not only for amazon has also provided for many famous shopping websites. It also displays the cash back on the product as per the retailers. This is the best way for a person who always thinks of shopping.
  • BY USING CHASE AMAZON CARD: If you make the transaction using a chase amazon gift card generator then you will get cash back up to 3%.

There are other credit cards also for which you will get cash backs if you make transaction using them.

how to get free amazon gift card codes - 2018 updated unused gift card codes

  1. GET PAID TO THE Sites (GPT) : Amazon Gift Card Generator

This method includes working for another person and earning the reward as a coupon. The work could be signing in to a website, playing an online game, installing an app, watching a video. There are a lot of famous websites which help you to provide the link. We provide you the best sites below:

  • USING SWAGBUCKS: This is the leading GPT website for earning the points. It is available on app store as well as play store for ioS and android respectively. It helps in earning amazon gift cards, pay pal account balance, etc.
  • By using the website PRIZEREBEL which is a website that not only provides the gift card but you can make the amazon purchase directly from this website. No need to open amazon once again.
  • THE website RECYCLE BANK is also one of those famous websites that only require to read articles about eco friendly materials to promote greenery and finally in return you get the gift card
  • There is a site MECHANICAL TURK which is run by amazon. It requires to complete short tasks and in return you will get the money straight in you amazon account. 
  1. By completing online surveys:

    There are a large number of companies that require surveys to be completed in order to get review for their products. Hence the websites that conduct these surveys provide you gift cards and cash backs in reward. Some of the famous websites are MY SURVEY AND VALUED OPINIONS. 

  1. Without completing any survey: 

  • AMAZON TRADE is one of the best features of Amazon. It allows you to trade in your old goods that you do not use any more. Amazon returns the money in form of gift card. All the shipping charges are managed by Amazon only.
  • 2 other famous websites are CARDPOOL and GAZELLE. Card pool allows you to use unused gift cards and exchange them to food cards. GAZELLE is used for exchanging electronic goods. 

It only required completing the login setup and registering to the site. The number of points you earn a day is limited but this is a very straightforward and easy way.

The points are earned on the basis of your search on bing.


GOOGLE also introduced GOOGLE SCREEN WISE to work similarly the way bing reward works. But the feature only works on google chrome and it automatically provides with a coupon after some time.

  SO these are the direct ways to earn amazon gift cards and cash balance.

But the easier and the easiest way is to use our free Amazon gift card generator. It requires nothing but a few steps to earn the reward. And the best part of this generator is it is completely free of cost.

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You have to follow the steps mentioned below:


  1. Click on the link that is mentioned above.
  2. Enter your details of the amazon account. This will connect your amazon account to the generator.
  3. You will get a code when you click generate.
  4. This code is used in amazon gift card

The best part of this Amazon Gift Card generator hack tool is it is free from any form of malicious hidden program. It is checked and tested multiple times by the professionals. It has been used by many amazon users to generate the coupon. And finally the tool saves a lot of time. It does not require completing any time consuming survey.

So guys we have provided you with the best ways to save your money and earn amazon gift cards and coupons. Choose effectively which is most suitable and easy for you. If you like our Amazon Gift Card Generator tool do share it with your friends and family.

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