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Roblox Hack Generator

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Best Ways To Get Free Redbox Codes

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Guns Of Boom Hack

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Clash Royale Hack

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Top Five Action Games For Android

Asphalt Xtreme

An intense and "xtremely" fun game to play, Asphalt Xtreme developed by Gameloft studios lures the user into a thrilling off-road experience. The Xtreme version of the Asphalt series enables you to compete against fellow racers in an off-road-themed environment. The game is not a small and dull game considering it maintains over five different game modes, competing in over 400 races with over 500 challenges accompanied by the option to choose from over 35 vehicles.

What's more? Since the app supports online multiplayer capability, it enables you to race against eight drivers at a time. Since the game is free, you can expect a few unnecessary ads to creep in, other than that, the game is perfect for thrill and action.

Critical ops

Critical ops are a first-person shooter game available on the Android platform. The game has a distinct counter strike aroma to it, and fellow counter strike users can relate and attach to the game. The game offers a thrilling experience to determine which team to

play, as the typical counter-terrorism unit or as terrorists. The game requires technique and is quite fun to engage in as you play with other online players. The game allows you to make in detail customization of gear and weapons as well. Currently, the game is free and is still in its developmental stages, but is quite the promising and action-packed game.

Into the dead 2

After the success of the first part, Into the dead 2, seems very promising to entertain you with action-packed features, thrilling scenes, and capabilities as well. With a similar foundation, that is running from zombies chasing you, in the second part you are accompanied by a canine companion while holding more weapons, better defense features and various cut scenes. Moreover, the entertainer action packed is free and offers intense graphics as well.

Riptide GP: Renegade

After a series of hits, Riptide has launched the Riptide GP: Renegade which is much more intense and challenging game. The game revolves around a racing theme, but with the distinction that instead of cars, you are riding jet skis. In the game, you can customize your gear and upgrade your jet ski. Racing over water is thrilling considering riding over the waves make it intriguing and quite challenging as well. You are benefitted with online multiplayer capability enabling you to race with others. The game is available for $2.99 in the play store.

Ninja Arashi

Entirely different from the rest, the game will lure you in with its cool silhouette ninja hacking and fighting enemies and overcoming obstacles. Similar to the old school shinobi series, ninja Arashi is entertaining, and action-packed considering it has over 45 levels, good fight scenes, challenging battles, and intriguing storyline as well. It is an overall action filled game and must have for those action addicts, all for a price of $1.99 on the play store.